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Eric Patrick

Iconic and Influential

Dr. Eric L. Patrick is a financial expert who mixes music and money to help others with investing and personal finance. After going from being broke to succeeding as a pharmacist, he started investing in the stock market and sharing his investing tips with others. 

The Dreamer’s Journey

With his medical background and interests in music and money, the "Hip-Hop Stock Doc” has been a featured speaker for Warner Music Group, and has written for and been featured in money media platforms like Black Enterprise, Moneyish, Acorns, and NBC News. 

Future Greatness

His passion for hip-hop and economic empowerment led him to start Black Market Exchange, an online financial platform educating millennials of color about money in a fresh way, mixing financial education with references to hip-hop and African-American pop culture. Because financial empowerment is all about giving people the ability to live and Dream in Black.

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