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Fat Nwigwe

Iconic and Influential

Fat Nwigwe is an artist, influencer and trendsetter in style and beauty, in addition to being married to Nigerian-American rapper Tobe Nwigwe. A fine arts painter, visual artist, dancer, public speaker, and hair/makeup artist, her popularity has grown from her role in Tobe’s viral music videos, verses on his records, and performances on his nationwide tours. 

The Dreamer’s Journey

Nwigwe has since established a following of her own, composed of mothers, wives, young women, and girls who look to her for inspiration, lifestyle/beauty tips, and insights to making motherhood appear effortless.

Future Greatness

As a social influencer, Nwigwe keeps her audience engaged with regular peeks into her fairytale love story, her transition into motherhood, and the challenges they face while successfully juggling high-profile careers and family. Together, they strive to set an example for how a couple can Dream in Black together.

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