2022 future maker

Georgie Nakima

Iconic and Influential

If you haven’t see her work, don’t sleep on it! Visionary, popping, and brilliant, Georgie Nakima’s career as an artist highlights influences of her biology and chemistry education. Her very vibrant mural works especially integrate activism and zero in on the WE GOT US approach to art for and by the culture.

The Dreamer’s Journey

An electrifying salute to Black Wall Street, Nakima’s mural work in 2020 further connected community and history with Kindred, her multidisciplinary public art project located in Charlotte, North Carolina’s first minority-owned financial institution. 

Future Greatness

Going forward, Nakima has monumental visions for the impact of her work on the greater collective, asking them to “think holistically about who we are on this planet.” She dreams in every color and especially in Black.

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