Jacqueline Means

AT&T Dream In Black Future Maker contest winner Jacqueline Means is a neuroscience student at the University of Delaware and the founder of the Wilmington Urban STEM Initiative. The organization is dedicated to bringing STEM education to underprivileged girls. Jacqueline says that she is dedicated to changing the negative stigma surrounding her hometown of Wilmington, DE by being an advocate for STEM education and by volunteering her time to empower youth in the community to pursue careers in the field. Through Wilmington Urban STEM Initiative, Jacqueline leads workshops where hundreds of girls engage in fun, hands-on science experiments. Because of COVID-19 she has been unable to host these events due to social distancing measures. To continue sharing her love of STEM, Jacqueline has also been posting weekly videos on her YouTube channel and social media platforms while leading virtual STEM classes on Zoom.


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