A good disc jockey remains one with their core––both audience and gut instincts. The same cohesion is demanded of a photographer and their endless search for beauty in all that eyesight offers. Being Derrick “D-Nice” Jones produces challenges far greater than those of your average DJ and cameraman. Not only must the NYC native navigate through the pressure afforded an internationally respected maestro who’s opened for Billy Joel and Vice President Joe Biden alike, but do so while simultaneously documenting American lifestyle and culture as an entrusted celebrity photographer. The brand that is D-Nice is a deluxe one. A deluxe brand, if you will, it overproduces art and experience in premium fashion.‍Though he’s blossomed into the Gordon Parks of today, he craves more colors on his wings. His foray into Dance Music evolved the father-of-two as a producer and DJ by incorporating drum machines into his sets. DM allowed Derrick to better articulate his boundless taste and share it on the most optimal stage: “I love music festivals. It‘s amazing that people will come watch a DJ explore with music. They look to the DJ to take them on a musical journey.”‍


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