LeBron James

As one of this generation’s greatest athletes, LeBron James has channeled his global reach, influence and passion into positively impacting the lives of those around him. With education as the driving force of change, the LeBron James Family Foundation is not only spreading that impact and improving lives of inner-city students and families, but also shifting the course of anentire community.‍Focusing on his hometown of Akron, the Foundation's I PROMISE program provides year-round resources, access to opportunities, supportive skill development, constant encouragement and other wraparound supports to more than 1,300 Akron Public School students who have all been guaranteed college scholarships if they do their part.‍These efforts have culminated in the groundbreaking new public school - the I Promise School - that is taking an innovative approach to providing a challenging, supportive, and life-changing education, creating a new model for urban public education.


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