Naikie Reeves

AT&T Dream InBlack Future Maker contest winner Naikie Reeves is the artist and founder of Blaamazon. He has been in business as a Black entrepreneur for five years, the culmination of two decades of big visions for the future of Black entrepreneurship. Through Blaamazon, he brings visibility to Black-owned brands and builds generational wealth for thousands of families. Despite a painful past, Naikie never stopped until finding success and now he’s helping others do the same. When you meet him, he will proudly tell you his story: His mother died when he was a boy, he had kids as a teenager, experienced a life-threatening car accident, incarceration, worked dead-end jobs and struggled to make it. Naikie made it through faith and work: He began screen-printing in 2003 and acquired 13 years of experience before establishing his first apparel company. Naikie has transformed adversity into power and through Blaamazon he will empower the Black community to embrace entrepreneurship and grow wealth for generations to come.


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