Staci Childs

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Staci Childs is a criminal defense attorney and public speaker. In and out of the Courtroom she is a combination of sweetness, spunk, spice and sass. Hampton University-bred, Staci also runs a non-profit called GirlTalk University, where she strives to promote a positive self-image in girls and women. Prior to practicing law, Staci spent her time as a 4th and 5th grade Language Arts teacher. She is the author of Her Beautiful Day, a children’s book written to encourage kids to be comfortable with who they are. In her free time, Staci enjoys making people laugh hysterically, modeling, freestyle-rap battles, traveling and playing with her puppy, Boseman. Staci believes anything is possible, so if you come around her asking if something can be done she will always respond with a “You Got It, Boss!” Quote about being the winner:"Winning the #dreaminblack contest is something I visualized in my head but feels so much better in reality! Simply put, I feel seen. I am grateful for the chance to advance what's natural to me--being me and helping young women do the same."


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